Construction on the much awaited and eagerly anticipated Rialto Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project  is well underway and progressing rapidly.

Treatment Plant Environment


Rialto produces around 7-8 million gallons of sewage every day – across the state of California, it’s 3.7 BILLION gallons of sewage every day!

To put that in perspective, 3.7 billion gallons is the same volume as 3 swimming pools flowing into the ocean EVERY SECOND.

Wastewater is treated at a facility on Richmond Ave. This plant in Rialto keeps wastewater out of our rivers, streams and oceans so our precious water resources stay clean!

To see the plant from above, with labels, download this poster.

Click to download the flyer with helpful tips on keeping our sewer system safe and free of obstructions.


There are a variety of steps you can take TODAY to reduce your water use or be more efficient with this precious resource. You can start with checking for leaks in your system. Fixing problems now can save hundreds of gallons of water a day.

Customer Service

The mission of Rialto Water Services is to provide quality water and wastewater treatment to City residents. Visit our Customer Service page to Pay Your Bill, Start New Service, or learn more about our Service Line Protection Program.

Generation S.T.E.M.

Our team doesn’t just lecture – rather, provides hands-on experiences for students through a variety of programming designed to educate and inspire. Maybe your child or student is one of this country’s next water and wastewater professionals!