The City of Rialto offers a variety of rebates to improve your water efficiency at home.

  • High-Efficiency spray nozzles. Older models are inefficient. They place more water on lawns and landscapes than soil can absorb. The newer high-efficiency nozzles spread water at a more even, slow pace that allows water to more efficiently soak the ground, and avoid runoff issues. Rebates are $4 per nozzle.
  • Weather Based Irrigation Timers. Smart timers are based on actual weather conditions and will help prevent over-watering of landscapes. Rebates are $100 per timer.
  • High Efficiency Washers. These washers can use 35% less water than conventional washers. Rebates are $100 for qualifying washers.
  • High Efficiency Toilets. Qualifying toilets have a flush of 1.28 gallons or less. Rebates are $50 per toilet (2 per household).
  • Turf Removal. The city will pay $1 a square foot to replace lawns with more efficient landscapes. Maximum rebate per customer is $1,000.

Customer Service

The mission of Rialto Water Services is to provide quality water and wastewater treatment to City residents. Visit our Customer Service page to Pay Your Bill, Start New Service, or learn more about our Service Line Protection Program.


There are a variety of steps you can take TODAY to reduce your water use or be more efficient with this precious resource. You can start with checking for leaks in your system. Fixing problems now can save hundreds of gallons of water a day.

Concession Agreement

In 2012, the City of Rialto agreed to a 30-year concession agreement to accelerate delivery of much-needed capital improvement projects and turn over management the water systems to Veolia North America.