Generation STEM – A Veolia Education Program

Rialto Water Services and Veolia are committed to providing convenient opportunities for students of all ages to learn about water resources.

There are a number of different ways that teachers and students can choose to participate in these valuable training opportunities.

Our team doesn’t just lecture – rather, provides hands-on experiences for students through a variety of programming designed to educate and inspire.

Maybe your child or student is one of this country’s next water and wastewater professionals!

The facts are simple:

  • Not enough students graduate from high school
  • Those who do are unprepared for college and the workforce
  • Students aren’t gaining the critical thinking, communications, and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in the real world

These challenges impact U.S. businesses’ ability to find qualified talent in an increasingly competitive global economy

5th Grade Education Fair is held at the Professional Development Center on Palm Street. Approximately 400 fifth grade students from ten Rialto Elementary schools attend between the hours of 8:30 am to 2:00 pm to learn about water-related topics. Teachers have an opportunity to send 10-15 top science and math students from each class to this exciting and educational event.

CIP Station

 Students learn about water consumption and water saving tips using our Veolia Math for Elementary Model.

Water and Wastewater Stations

Students have an opportunity to learn about how the water and wastewater facilities look and operate to extract, clean and recycle water. Veolia also hosts hands-on activities allowing each student to create their own wells and mini-aquifers in a group setting.

Mobile Technology in Water Services

Vactor Trucks and our Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Van are exhibited, allowing students to visually witness the latest technology used to locate, remove and clean sewer blockages

Water Conservation

Partnering with West Valley Water District, Conservationist ‘Amanda’ showcases a presentation teaching the water cycle and its components. After each presentation ends, each student has an opportunity to enter a Water Model Poster Contest. Students have 20 minutes to design their idea of the Water Cycle, using crayons, colored pencils and construction paper. Veolia and West Valley sponsor this event granting 1st and 2nd place winners with prizes awarded during a Rialto City Council meeting.

  • The 1st place winner will receive a certificate and Visa card of $30.00.
  • The 2nd place winner will receive a certificate and $20.00.
  • Winners and runners up will also have the opportunity to have their art showcased in the RWS Annual Calendar.  
  • The winners will also be showcased and announced during our community event.

Offered: February (Once a year)


Students participating in the Stembowl represent – 5th to 8th grade

Students observe, test & analyze two different experiments. Both are S.T.E.M. related, timed 40 min each

Veolia judges best team performance, focusing on communication & ability to work as a team

Best Team Performance Awards

  • Elementary: One 5th grade school trophy
  • Middle School: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophy

Veolia Water and Wastewater facilities

Overview: Tour of our wastewater facility, labs and computer facility

WELCOME/GREETING AT STAGING AREA: Students/teachers/supervisory adults will disembark from their bus and/or vehicles and will gather together with Veolia-Rialto tour guides at the tour staging area, near the front entry of the plant office complex. Tour guide(s) will present a brief talk on wastewater treatment, its history, and why it’s important and necessary to protect human health and the environment.

SAFETY/HYGIENE: Tour guides will share safety procedures with the entire group (stay together, comply with directions, don’t touch certain equipment, remain attentive). Safety glasses will be distributed to tour group members and will be worn throughout the tour. Gender-appropriate hand-washing stations will be provided after the tour.

DIVIDE GROUPS UP/BEGIN TOUR: The group will be divided into sub-groups, each with a tour guide(s) and an appropriate number of adults to supervise each group. One group might tour the laboratory while another is touring the plant or the control room.

Start Dirty, End Clean. After a brief introduction, the group will go to the ‘headworks’, where raw sewage first enters the plant for treatment. They’ll see the filth and this sets them up to see with their own eyes and fully appreciate how pristine, beautiful, clean the water is at the end of the treatment process (usually tour groups are *amazed* at how clean the treated water is!).

Focus on the Basics: As complex as water reclamation is, it can still be broken down into 4 basic treatment steps: Preliminary, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. The tour group will be guided through each treatment process/area of the plant and be provided with a description and an opportunity to ask questions.

Recruit/Equip the New Generation of Environmental Professionals: As the group walks through each phase of the treatment process, this is the opportunity to raise their awareness of the importance of water reclamation in terms of protecting human health and the integrity of the environment – in short, how clean water promotes human flourishing. This is the time to emphasize the importance of ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and encouraging students to value and acquire these skills that will equip them as the next generation of environmental professionals.

SUB-GROUPS RE-CONVERGE TO ORIGINAL STAGING AREA: Sub-groups will meet at the original staging area in front of the plant’s office complex. The tour guides will answer questions and respond to comments from the tour participants. Tour participants will be directed to gender-appropriate rest-rooms/wash rooms, returning to the staging area. Tour guides will then distribute goodies/educational materials/ mementos to tour group members. Tour guides will respond to closing questions/comments.

DEPARTURE: Tour guides/plant staff will assist in directing the tour group members safely to their bus and/or vehicle(s)

Offered: Year-round

Diamond Valley Lake & Western Science Museum     

Grade level: Earth Science Students (from every RUSD high school)

Diamond Lake & Diamond Lake Conservation Museum

All labs satisfy grade level California Science Standards

Western Science Museum & Labs

Tour of the Museum and Labs held in relation to paleontology and Diamond Valley Lake reservoir

Three field trips per year totaling 250-300 students

Veolia sponsors transportation, labs and giveaways

Earth Day Assembly

Focus on Water Cycle

Learn about the importance and science of the Earth’s most precious resource, water, in “The H2O Show.” Take the kids through a journey through the cycle of water, where our water comes from, and how we all can take care of it. “The H2O Show” is a thrilling blend of environmental education and entertainment. We can take students for a ride from the clouds and the rain through the pipes and the treatment plants to learn how water connects everything on the planet.

Spring H2O Production – Earth Day

Actors: Middle School Kids

Grade level Suggestion: K-3 & at night for Parents

Take places: Middle School

Skit, Buses & Costumes provided by Veolia

Offered: Once a year (Earth Day)


Teacher Teaching Program 

Project based learning (PBL’s) – former teachers planned out curriculum.

Summer Institute 

Field Trip and Guest Speaker

Date: July

Qty: 15-20 Teachers

Veolia will send a guest speaker to discuss a topic regarding water. Veolia may also set-up field trips on behalf of RUSD.

Open to teachers only

Offered: Summer program (annually)

Veolia honors two outstanding high school students with an educational scholarship each school year. The award for two $2,500.00 scholarships is sent to a two- or four-year accredited post-secondary institution on behalf of the student. 

Scholarship applications are typically accepted between December and mid-March. The 2018 scholarship is closed, but stay tuned for information about the 2019 scholarship award! 

Tentative Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicants must currently be a senior at a high school in the City of Rialto
  • Applicants must be a resident of the City of Rialto
  • Applicants must plan to be enrolled as a full-time student in a two- or four-year accredited post-secondary institution in the upcoming academic year.


For Kids!

Valuable online resources just for you – games, puzzles and more will help you learn about our water, why it’s important that we save it (and maybe even help your family use less!) Visit the Kids Zone to try your hand at one of these games!


There are a variety of steps you can take TODAY to reduce your water use or be more efficient with this precious resource. You can start with checking for leaks in your system. Fixing problems now can save hundreds of gallons of water a day.

Customer Service

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