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August conservation numbers released

SACRAMENTO – Californians reduced water use by nearly 27 percent during August, exceeding Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s 25 percent conservation mandate for a third straight month.

In Rialto, our target conservation number is 28% – in August, we fell short of that goal, reaching 17.1% conservation over our August 2013 consumption. Thank you for your efforts to conserve water – please review our conservation tips so we continue to work toward meeting our goal.

“Millions of Californians stepped up to save water this summer and we must all keep up the good work because no one knows how much longer this historic drought will continue,” said Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board. “With continued heat, the danger of more wildfires, and no way of knowing when the drought will end, every drop of water that remains in our local reservoirs and aquifers is insurance in case of another dry year or more.”


AP Chemistry students in Rialto stepped out from behind their desks and landed squarely in front of Veolia’s wastewater team. Students and teachers in small groups learned about the treatment process from the men and women charged with doing it every day – lab personnel and operators – who spent this day sharing and teaching on top of their regular duties. The students watched videos, toured the plant on foot and spent time in the lab, where they saw real-world applications of the chemistry they study in class.

RA 244

Well buildingOperator Steve Nixon had this to say about the event, “The students leave the tour with a better understanding of what happens when they flush the toilet or put something down the sink. Plus they learn that wastewater treatment is not as nasty a job as people think and requires lots of technology and chemistry. What they’re learning in school does apply to life.”

Congratulations to the Rialto team involved in this great community activity – Lab Director Janet Williams-Harmon, Operators Ron Biggeli, Marlon Brosco , Dayton Reeves and Steve Nixon, Administrative Assistant Lissa Blount and Project Manager Dan Villanueva!


Rialto Water Services (RWS) and Veolia recently welcomed hundreds of customers to its first-ever open house.

The two-day event included an educational fair in which 400 5th graders from Rialto Unified School District took part in science projects, saw water and wastewater equipment up close, participated in a poster contest and received lessons in water quality, wastewater treatment and more.

Vactor Truck
Students learn about the equipment used in the field. Here, a utility employee explains what a Vactor Truck does. (Hint: It sucks obstructions out of the sewer system!)

RWS and Veolia know that hands-on experience helps students gain a greater knowledge base about water and sewer systems, and might even lead to a career in Environmental Sciences!

Poster contest winners were Janet Sanchez (1st place) and Melody A. (2nd place).

A few days before the open house, Veolia also judged and awarded scholarships to three winners participating in the District’s annual Science Fair. Many impressive projects tackled the challenges of water use, re-use and water conservation.

The winners were (Elementary) Yan Victor Oyama; (Middle School) Kourtney Thomas & Hayvyn Smith; and (High School) Joanne Oliva & Anum Rathor.

Capital Improvement Program


Our $41 million Capital Improvement Program has begun.  Rialto Water Services and Veolia are actively working on a range of projects to ensure water supply reliability, maintain water quality, and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment.

Under the Concession Agreement, there were 24 key projects identified and prioritized. The team at Rialto Water Services has reviewed the list of project and is working diligently to move these projects forward.

Among the active or planned capital improvement projects are:

  • Replacement of water meters. Old meters must be replaced because they no longer provide accurate measurements of water use.
  • Improving the online electronic monitoring and computer system that runs our water and wastewater systems. These “SCADA” systems include a comprehensive remote monitoring and control network.
  • Replacing water service lines to homes. Replacement will help prevent water leaks.
  • Repairing or replacing main water distribution lines.
  • Replacing worn and outdated manhole covers
  • Replacing worn equipment at water booster stations
  • Replacement of worn or damage fire hydrants
  • Improvements and repairs at the city’s wastewater treatment plant
  • Sewer line replacements

RWS and Veolia are moving forward on a range of capital   improvement projects for the water and wastewater systems.

Crews working in the street
Excavating in the street to prepare to upgrade water infrastructure.

You may see us or contractors in the streets replacing water mains, fixing manhole covers, or installing new water service lines to your home or business. Some major water distribution pipelines have reached the end of their lifespan – replacement ensures our water delivery systems remain reliable. 

We also are improving water wells, booster stations and other equipment to save electricity and become more efficient.

Water Meter
Water meters measure how much water you’re using at home or work. Upgraded meters ensure accurate billing.

You also may receive a new water meter.  When water meters age, they don’t provide an accurate measure of water use.  We are replacing about 900 meters a year.

Basin Refurbishment
This basin is a critical piece of the wastewater treatment process. It’s about 30 or 40 feet deep and is undergoing significant repairs.