2016 City Landscaping Contest

Contest Start Date: 3/11/2016
End Date: 4/20/2016 – Closed


Must be a customer of a participating water agency in the city of Rialto, CA:

Judging Criteria
Judges will consider the following elements of water-wise landscaping:

Overall attractiveness:
-curb appeal; aesthetic color, form, texture; creative and environmentally sensitive use of hardscape

Appropriate plant selection:
-California-friendly plant palette; functional turf; functional landscape, meets needs of owners

-energy efficient use of tree canopy, permeable ground cover, shady and sunny areas in landscape; firewise landscape, as needed

Appropriate maintenance:
-mulch; weeds kept to a minimum; plants neat, tidy and attractive

Efficient methods of irrigation:
-designed to reduce runoff; appropriate irrigation equipment for plant material; water consumption appropriate to area

Prizes will be announced soon!


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